Do you struggle with balancing your career, family and leisure time?

As a woman in the dental profession, it’s likely that the demands on your time and energy are nothing short of overwhelming and stressful.

With challenges tugging at you constantly, it can be difficult to find time to address critical wealth issues.

You want your wealth managed properly with a long-term plan that fits with your goals and aspirations so that when you reach retirement, you will be able to live the life for which you have planned and dreamed.

Without proper wealth planning, you may

  • lose that precious balance between family, work and leisure time.
  • miss numerous opportunities to take advantage of tax breaks.
  • lack insurance protection in case you’re suddenly disabled.
  • incur legal issues that prevent or delay the sale of your practice.
  • have to postpone retirement because, due to poor management, your wealth has not grown as much as you hoped it would.

Planning for the future is tempting to postpone or let drop to the bottom of the to-do-list.

At Cooke Capital, we have found that

The supreme key to balancing family and career is to be the master of your own schedule.

In 50+ interviews conducted by Cooke Capital, we discovered that female dentists have greater or lesser control over their schedules depending on the practice model they work within.

Whether you are an associate, a partner, or sole practitioner, specialized wealth planning is needed. Each model requires explicit strategies that help you find and maintain the work-family balance.

Just as it is necessary to visit your dentist regularly to maintain your oral health, it is equally vital to consult with your wealth manager on a regular basis.

Whether you are 30 years old and a newly practicing dentist, or 60 years old and nearing retirement, a wealth manager working with a team of trusted professionals can help you optimize your earnings so you can have that priceless balance in your home and professional life.

With a solid wealth plan in place, we can help you realize the quality of life you ultimately desire.

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